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The current season is in full swing and the suit market has a few innovations to offer. To get you through the winter in a stylish manner, we have compiled the suit trends for this winter for you.

4 suit trends for this winter


Plain grey, blue or black are a thing of the past. If you want to buy a new suit in winter, you should not choose a simple, plain model. The focus of the new season is on Prince-of-Wales checks, pepper and salt looks and overchecks.


Last season's almost invariably slim suit trousers have been superseded for the winter by a new trend. Especially in the thigh area, the suit trousers will be a little wider and more comfortable. Below the knee, the trousers remain slim.

By the way, contrary to the trousers, the jacket remains slim!


The width of the trousers is not the only thing that has changed. The leg opening always reveals any new trends. Many of the suit trousers in autumn/winter 2017 feature turn-ups.


Jacket. Trousers. Waistcoats! This is the key to success for the upcoming season as well. Of course, you can also wear a two-piece suit, consisting of jacket and trousers, but the variant including a waistcoat is simply cooler!

What do you think of the trends? Please let us know.

Your CG - CLUB of GENTS Team

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