All In! The new Fashion Show of CG - CLUB of GENTS

As part of Berlin Fashion Week, CG – CLUB of GENTS welcomed its guests to a casino and delighted them with a brilliant fashion show.

The lights are dimmed. The guests are standing around in stylish dinner jackets and elegant evening gowns in an impressive hall hung with chandeliers and filled with casino tables. While the band retires for a break, the tension builds. With smartphone cameras at the ready, all eyes turn towards the large wooden entrance door. The first model of the show steps onto the runway accompanied by the music of Gary Glitter. The crowd goes wild.

Runway show for the new collection

On 15 January 2019, CG – CLUB of GENTS presented the new Autumn/Winter 2019 collection from its subline SAVILE ROW by CG – CLUB of GENTS. For one night only, the Meistersaal on Potsdamer Platz was transformed into an elegant casino with a red carpet, gaming tables and a live band. During a 20-minute fashion show, the models presented the latest styles for the coming winter. Corduroy and velvet played major roles in the show, while shades of red and green were recurring characters in the Brit Pop-inspired collection. The entire performance was completed by knitwear made from high-quality merino wool and shirts with casino token prints. The guests were thrilled by the new trends and accompanied the show with constant applause and flash photography. As playing cards rained down upon the runway, the designers stepped out and officially opened the gaming tables.

Casino Meistersaal

As the evening progressed, the new collection was the main topic of conversation over games of blackjack and roulette played with CG – CLUB of GENTS casino tokens. The guests were also entertained by a magician whose card tricks left many people speechless and wondering. The gambling continued until late in the night with the guests discussing topical issues and burning up the dance floor. With 250 happy attendees, “All In” slotted in seamlessly to the success of the last show, “The Great Dandy” in Summer 2018, and helped us kick off the new season with plenty of positive feedback.

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