The brand CG – CLUB of GENTS moves within an esprit of freedom. The brand plays according to the rules and limits it has established by itself. It provides a feeling of security in what it does. It offers clear statements and shows the way. One of its most important characteristics is loyalty towards its customers and itself. It is always true to itself which means that it radiates enormous authenticity.

The brand’s esprit for life originates from London. We’re going back to the 80s and early 90s. That weird guitar sound resonates from the clubs in Downtown. It’s the time of bands like Oasis, Blur and Fury in the Slaughterhouse, whose chords and beats drone in our ears. A cool time with its sheer craving for freedom and
disobedience. A time with a dress code all of its own. A feeling for life which is firmly implemented by CG – CLUB of GENTS. The brand would like to take the appropriate stance, to lend a face to the label, to give it authenticity. CG – CLUB of GENTS stands for a certain lifestyle, the lifestyle of Brit-Pop and of the Mods. The brand gets its impulses and inspiration from the City of London and its suburbs such as Shoreditch and Hoxton.

CG – CLUB of GENTS offers its ageless and mentally independent customers a product with an excellent cost-performance ratio, thus redefining the motto “you get what you pay for!“ The brand is characterized by attention to detail as regards finish and the upmarket fabrics it uses, combined with a competent fit appropriate for the type of the wearer, reflecting decades of experience.


In its line Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS the brand provides the non-conventional esprit of Brit-Pop and the Mods with essential ingredients which clearly distinguish the subline from the main-line and are the icing on the cake in every respect as regards product and brand. With more upmarket fabrics from Italy, almost sartorial tailoring, newly interpreted fashionable silhouettes and designs, eye-catching patterns, crafted and sophisticated details, Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS wants to “whet appetites” for the product as such. For “that certain something” which defines itself by the right quality, the right button, the right seam, the right fit, the right angle of the flap pockets, the right lining, the right shoulder line. The price should not be the deciding criterion when it comes to a purchase, but rather the composition of the whole entity.


The lights of the city are reflected in the paint of the limousine – a breath of expectation is in the air. It‘s your own party and that‘s what you celebrate. For the occasion you wear the very special suit. The one where every detail – from the handkerchief to the suspenders to the matching vest – is right. Your Own Party is its own subline in the NOS area of CG – CLUB of GENTS. The classic wedding suit or the suit for a special occasion is interpreted in a new and young way. Whereas in the past, especially for weddings, unusual models were in demand, today the suit should be able to be worn for more than just one occasion.