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Styling Interview: Stanislav Avezov

Stanislav Avezov and his partner run the barbershop Deine Baderknechte in Aachen, Germany. Here he tells us the story of the salon, the ritual involved in a shave and how to keep your beard looking tidy while working from home.

This is a very special kind of hairdressing salon; one that offers an unrivalled experience. The sounds of the scissors and razor blades are accompanied by jazz, blues, soul and swing as the Baderknechte team takes you back in time to days gone by. Revel in a haircut or a shave that uses pomade, hair tonic or aftershave – here they use tried-and-tested products, as new does not always equal better. This is a place where you can relax after a hard day’s work; it’s an oasis of indulgence for the modern, self-respecting man.

What gave you the idea of opening a barbershop?

Me and my business partner go back a long way. We used to work together in the same salon. At some point down the line, my friend Pino had the idea of running a salon together. We had to overcome a lot of obstacles and not everything immediately worked out the way we envisaged. But those were just teething problems. We wanted to invest our strength and energy into our own project and that is what we did.


How did you come up with the name Deine Baderknechte?

We thought about it for a long time. We definitely didn’t want to use our own names for the salon and we felt it was important that the name reflected the origin of our craft. In the end, we were inspired by Baderknecht, an old word for barber, and hit upon Deine Baderknechte.


What is most special about your salon?

We always say that it’s difficult to put into words. It’s different and that’s what makes it special. Our team is different, our philosophy is different. We believe in an overall concept that makes us and our salon different. Being different is a challenge and it’s one that we’ve faced head on.

Are your clients local or do people come from further away?

We are very lucky that our salon is located in the beautiful city of Aachen and that we’re close to the borders of both Belgium and Holland. We estimate that our clients travel 30 km on average to come to us. But there are a few clients that come from even further away.


When do you see most clients? Are there classic peak times or a kind of seasonal trade?

We are open six days a week and work mainly on an appointment-only basis from Monday to Friday. Saturday is the only non-appointment day when we say “first come, first served”. Before the shop opens on a Saturday, we have a long queue of clients waiting. With that in mind, we don’t really have any peak times.


Do men come to you mainly for haircuts or for beard grooming?

As we are all qualified hairdressers, our main service is haircutting. However, we want to reflect the origin of the typical men’s salon, which is why we also offer beard trims and shaves. We have a very simple price list with a combo-price for a haircut and a shave, which is very popular with our clients. Although, when you look at the figures, we do get more bookings for haircuts.


What does beard grooming involve at Deine Baderknechte?

Our concept is all about offering the modern man something special, which is why we make a ritual out of our shaving services. We start with a consultation and, in the second step, get the beard into shape while it’s dry. Then we use a special lotion to soften the skin and open the pores and follow up with warm compresses while we mix the beard soap. We then remove the compresses and spread the soap onto the skin. Then we start shaving. After the shave comes the second round of warm compresses to remove any excess soap from the skin. Then we treat the face – either with an aftershave or a lotion depending on how sensitive the skin is. Next, we treat the beard with oil or a balsam and bring it into shape. Finally, the client gets to see the results in the mirror.


Are there any products to help beards grow quicker or even fill in gaps?

You can find many products online that promise better beard growth. Do you think we wouldn’t use them, if they worked? We’d certainly see an increase in clients! However, there’s no scientific evidence to say that these products actually do work.


Do you have a special pair of beard scissors?

No, we use normal scissors; the same ones for beards as we use for cutting hair.


What is your best-selling service and product?

Our best-selling service is the haircut and shave combo. Regarding products, it’s more difficult to say. We have lots of products and every member of staff has their favourite for both hair and beards. Consequently, every stylist offers their clients their favourite product, but of course it has to also suit the client, which is why consultation is our top priority.

How are you coping with the current situation?

We are concentrating on the imminent re-opening; we’re meeting to prepare for client appointments and clarifying hygiene regulations, which need to be in place for the re-opening.


Do you have a plan in place for the time after re-opening?

We have completely removed our waiting area and have set up the mobile barber station – which we normally use for the CG – CLUB of GENTS Tour – as the fifth chair in the salon. We are making appointments as before and have also decided to make Saturdays an appointment-only day too. There are challenging times ahead, but we’ll manage.


What are the current beard trends and how are beards being worn in summer 2020?

Men have always enjoyed sporting beards, but we are seeing more and more that they are getting distinctly shorter. The trend of the above-average bearded man is declining and the spotlight is turning to shorter beards. However, that doesn’t mean that longer beards aren’t fashionable any more – they’ll become something special and be particularly eye-catching.


What is your top tip for a brilliant beard during the corona crisis?

We have all trimmed our beards shorter so as to make working in masks more bearable. Regular washing is also very important, but that applies with or without the corona situation.

What does a good day look like for you?

When we’ve laughed and not seen work as being work, then the day has been perfect. Ending the day on a high as if you hadn’t been working at all.


Together with the Baderknechte, CG – CLUB of GENTS is once again going on tour. Although we had to cancel our spring 2020 events, you can look forward to our autumn programme. We will transform your shopping trip into a feel-good paradise. Treat yourself to a shave or a spot of beard grooming and receive professional beard care advice. You can find out all the details of the tour on our websites and on Social Media.

Fashion Interview: Florian Wortmann

Creative Director of the brand CG – CLUB of GENTS Florian Wortmann about the collection against racism developed together with Business Punk, the responsibility of fashion and the mods as eternal inspiration. An interview by Siems Luckwaldt. 

With the joint collection of Business Punk and CG – CLUB of GENTS we set a fashionable sign against racism. What was it that gave CLUB of GENTS the idea for this collaboration?

We had the idea over a year ago and in the meantime the political situation in this regard has unfortunately further deteriorated; take for example the election in Thuringia or the shooting in Hanau. Now, to mark the launch of the collection at the end of April, we want to stand firm against this tendency more than ever. However, the idea originated as a comment on an unpleasantly polarizing debate about refugees; it was then clear to us that as a brand we had to take on right-wing extremism and let our community know how we see things politically and socially.

For some time now, NGOs and marketing professionals have been stressing the importance of demonstrating a clear position, especially among young target groups. However, taking a political stance is always a balancing act. Was there any push-back internally?

In general, we’re a brand that makes quick decisions. However, when we were looking for potential partners we noticed that not everyone was willing to get on board with the idea. Not every medium was as open as you are – and not every specialist retailer shared our sense of urgency and enthusiasm towards an anti-racism collection. There were heated discussions between our sales department and retailers, but with Breuninger we have found a strong retailer to stand by us.

Do you think there is a secret to having fewer reservations?

I think that having reservations and being fearful of negative feedback will prevent us from advancing, both as a company and as a society. We need to be brave enough to stick our necks out and have the courage to take risks. Of course, with any commitment you leave yourself open to attack, but if that was the only argument there would have been no women’s movement, no fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community or, if you want to go back in time even further, no end to slavery in the USA. Anyone who waits for others to take the lead plays straight into the hands of destructive forces!

Political messages in fashion have a long history; just think back to the punk designs by Vivienne Westwood or t-shirt slogans such as “We Should All Be Feminists” by Dior. Why is this such uncharted territory in the world of men’s fashion?

My grandpa once said about our industry: “Young man, if everyone started walking around naked, you’d be out of a job!” This makes it blatantly clear how important our products are and how much significant attention they attract. Fashion has a large audience and anyone who has the good fortune to be part of the industry has great responsibility to contribute positively, innovatively and constructively to debates and also point out grievances and undesirable developments.

Some of the outfits and their messages are bold and eye-catching while others are more subtle. What are your personal favourites in this capsule collection?

Definitely the slogan t-shirt, particularly as it’s the first time that we, a men’s fashion label, have created a piece that can definitely also be worn by women. We made sure of that when designing the cut. For Dress-Down Friday, the short-sleeved shirt with the stripes is perfect.

Tell us more about who inspires you during the design process.

We have been heavily inspired by Britpop, so we like to look to legends such as Paul Weller from The Jam. He’s an eternal Mod and also inspires us as a trendsetter. Mods were working-class lads who were sick of wearing jeans, so they scrapped all their money together to have tailors make Italian-inspired suits for them. They wore them on their Vespas with parkas over the top to protect them from spray. It was the beginning of an iconic look. Working-class life meets la dolce vita and it’s with this mindset that we view each new collection.

Do you have a favourite moment in fashion history where a designer used the runway to deliver a message?

Definitely the 2006 unisex collection by Jean Paul Gaultier where, as one of the world’s most renowned designers, he covered the topic of unisex fashion in radical way. It was called Gaultier². Fashion became a commentary on the times, and not in a purely artistic way, which I find somewhat difficult and unworldly, but in a very wearable way.

As a young label belonging to an established brand, how crazy can CG – CLUB of GENTS get?

Of course, there are CEOs and partners above us, but at the moment we are lucky and privileged enough to be able to set our own limits.

Capsule Collection 2020

Europe 2020 – nationalist and right-wing populist movements grow stronger, racist incitement and discrimination increase CG – CLUB of GENTS does not close its eyes, but sets a sign against racism. The Capsule Collection “SUIT YOURSELF AGAINST RACISM” in cooperation with Business Punk has a clear message: Respect Everyone! Especially when it comes to racism, there is no “maybe” or “question of perspective” for either brand, but a clear statement that is expressed through the limited collection. The urban, edgy style sets the tone with black and white outfits. In this way you also take a stand and make your contribution to the protection of human dignity and diversity. From autumn 2020 the Capsule Collection “SUIT YOURSELF AGAINST RACISM” will be available in our Online Shop.

Fashion Interview: Daoud Daftarie

He works with well-known photographers and models, organises photo shoots and ensures the styling is perfect. Daoud Daftarie has found his dream job as an editor, stylist and consultant in the fashion industry. We caught up with him at Fashion Week in Berlin to talk about his work and to learn some styling tips to create the perfect look for suits.

What is your job and how did you find your dream career?


I work as a freelance fashion editor and stylist. I design and organise photo shoots for magazines like ELLE and L’Officiel. I also work on the styling for campaigns and look books for fashion brands such as CG – CLUB OF GENTS. After studying fashion design and completing a year-long internship with Anna Sui in New York, I worked as a fashion editor for various fashion magazines. In 2002, I launched into self-employment and have been working as a freelancer since then.

What do you like most about being a stylist?    

Daoud: Creating a look. I find the whole process fascinating; creating a look and an image from a large collection and lots of product groups with the help of accessories and styling.

How did you start working with CG – CLUB of GENTS?

Daoud: I’ve been working in close collaboration with the CG – CLUB of GENTS’ team since 2017, creating the styling for the campaigns’ collections. We have worked together on these in London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam as well as other places. I also work with the CG team on the styling for the CG – CLUB of GENTS fashion show at Berlin Fashion Week.

Do you have a favourite model or outfit at CG – CLUB of GENTS?

Daoud: When choosing models, CG – CLUB of GENTS focuses less on typical commercial models and more on individuals who are always chosen for their particular look – so it’s not really possible to choose a favourite. And as for the outfits, of course there are unconventional pieces in the collection, showcased in the fashion show in particular. One example is the floor-length faux fur coat modelled at the fashion show in Berlin in January.

What does good styling depend on and what is a complete no-no?

Daoud: There aren’t any no-no’s any more, thank goodness. The most important thing is not to over-style your outfit.

What pieces should every man have in his wardrobe?   

Daoud: That rather depends on your job and lifestyle. But a ‘good’ suit is essential. You need a suit for work and for festive occasions. And then the jacket can also go with t-shirts and jeans and the suit trousers can be combined with a shirt and a pullover.

What should you look for in your first suit? 

Daoud: The right sleeve and trouser length!  As you don’t buy a suit every day, it is worth the investment to have your suit fitted perfectly by a good tailor.

What tips do you have for accessories? How can you upgrade your outfit?

Daoud: A suit is an all-rounder. It doesn’t necessarily have to be upgraded by accessories, rather restyled for different occasions: a suit can be given a casual look by wearing it with trainers and a white t-shirt. You can create the ideal business look by wearing a shirt, tie, pocket square and leather shoes. Or you can look like a rock star with pointed-toe boots, patterned shirt and a neckerchief.

We wish Daoud Daftarie continued success and look forward to working on future projects with him. Find more information on

Wedding trends 2020

Every year, new trends, ideas and styling tips for the perfect wedding emerge – and the same is true for weddings in 2020. Sustainability, traditional gentleman styles and pastel shades are at the top of the agenda for the coming decade. These trends, combined with your own ideas, will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

Sustainability – increasingly popular for weddings, too

It is becoming increasingly clear that bridal couples are concerned about the sustainability of their wedding celebration and the products used. Nowadays, weddings should use as little plastic as possible and not produce too much waste. Wood, moss or flowers are the natural materials of choice for decorating. Beautifully designed mixtures of spices or flower seeds in a glass jar are suitable as gifts. To ensure that the wedding dress and the wedding suit do not gather dust in the wardrobe after the ceremony, couples are choosing looks that can be worn for other occasions, too. Green-themed weddings also include invitations and place cards made of recycled paper, which integrate perfectly into the overall theme of the wedding.

The wedding dress of 2020

We saying farewell to hooped skirts and princess looks as modern two-piece outfits with light flowing fabrics are on the rise. Colour is also being added to the dress with pastel and nude shades. The design of wedding dresses is moving towards being plainer and figure-hugging – often combined with flamboyant details such as a low-cut back or strong statement accessories. If the weather is likely to be cool on your wedding day, you can add a knitted, wool or lace bridal jacket. A long-sleeved top can also ring the changes in a two-piece outfit. And steer clear of the classic bolero.

Styling the groom

The classic image of the bride in white and the groom in black has had its day. The groom is also beginning to show his true colours, and this year he is embracing the old-school gentleman style.  Materials, fabrics and patterns in particular are changing the look. The trend is towards brown tones, coarser fabrics and check patterns for winter weddings, whereas for summer ceremonies, the groom is more likely to choose a light fabric made of linen or flannel. Accessories such as braces or wooden bow ties have become part and parcel of the groom’s outfit. The overall design concept of the wedding and the groom’s own taste will dictate whether he chooses the casual look of a waistcoat or the traditional elegance of a dinner jacket. However, just like the bride, the groom can change his outfit during the day.

Wild flowers and natural colours

Being in the flow with nature, the seasons and location are becoming increasingly important for bridal couples when choosing flowers. Wild flowers have a special charm, if they are sown and cultivated in the garden by the couple themselves. These can then be used for table decorations, as floral wreaths, an arrangement in the middle of the cake bar, or for the invitation or bridal bouquet. This year, bridal bouquets are personal and unique with a hidden detail. Brooches, pendants or special flowers give a simple bouquet a sentimental focus. The choice of flower arrangements should match the wedding’s overall colour theme. Nude and pastel shades continue to be on trend as are the colours of the ocean: light blue and pink.

Lots of interest at the venue

Over the past few years, weddings featuring candy bars have been a particular trend. Increasingly, many bridal couples are arranging to have bars offering hearty snacks or drinks. Gin bars, buffets with a selection of cheese and crackers, or champagne walls, where guests can serve themselves with a glass of bubbles whenever the fancy takes them, are becoming more and more popular. Today, less emphasis is being put on having a special wedding theme, rather it is more important to create a unique atmosphere. To this end, different types of fairy lights, candle holders and rustic light bulbs are used. This is complemented by photo booths or snack bars decorated with balloons.

How to fold a pocket square

A pocket square is placed visibly in the outer breast pocket of the jacket. It is the perfect accessory to add that special touch to your outfit – whether it’s a dinner jacket, office wear or a more casual look combined with jeans.

Which is the right pocket square?

Pocket squares are available nowadays in countless colours, materials and sizes. Embroidered monograms or artistic decorative hems give the pocket square an even more individual touch. There are no limits to your choice. But you won’t go wrong with a classic white linen square or a more elegant coloured silk one. Otherwise, the choice depends on the occasion.


The colour should match the wedding’s colour theme or your companion’s clothing. Otherwise, a silk square with a golden or silver sheen – often with a floral or paisley pattern – is suitable for such occasions.

Dinner and evening wear
Colourful, patterned and strongly contrasting linen or silk squares are best suited to an elegant evening.

Business look
For business occasions, pocket squares with subtler colours and simpler patterns are appropriate. It is entirely a question of personal taste as to whether you choose linen or silk.

How to fold a pocket square

The folding techniques described here use a silk pocket square measuring 44cm x 44cm. However, smaller squares can also be used. In this case, the initial steps, in which the square is folded to a smaller size, are not necessary. Squares made of linen or other fabrics are also suitable to be folded as follows.

The square fold

The square fold is also known as the Presidential fold. It is simple, classic, conservative and suits every outfit. A plain linen or silk square is best suited to timeless business looks. But a dinner jacket is also given a subtle touch with this fold.

  1. Fold the square down the middle.
  2. Fold the square down the middle again.
  3. Fold both sides together so that the edges touch in the centre.
  4. Fold the lower piece upwards so that a third is visible.
  5. Put the square into the breast pocket with the open side facing upwards and smooth out the protruding section.
The one-point pocket square

Those who like to look a little more festive for a dinner or a visit to the opera should consider the one-point fold. This creates a special look when using striped silk squares. Above all, make sure that the folded square is in line with the width of the breast pocket so that it does not slip down. This fold is also known as the one-corner-up-fold.

  1. Fold the square down the middle.
  2. Fold it down the middle again.
  3. Place the opposite corners on top of each other to form a triangle.
  4. Now fold the left and right corners towards the centre.
  5. Put the pocket square into the breast pocket and arrange the protruding section into shape.
The two-point fold

This fold complements more casual outfits well and gives your look more personality. Thanks to the double fold, the square sits more firmly in the breast pocket and looks more interesting than the classic version. It is also known as double triangle fold or two-corners-up fold.

  1. Fold the square down the middle.
  2. Fold the square down the middle again.
  3. Place one corner over the opposite one to create a small extra point.
  4. Now fold the left and right corners towards the centre.
  5. Put the pocket square in the breast pocket and arrange the protruding section into shape.
The three point fold

The three point fold is particularly suitable for elegant evening wear. It is a very formal folding technique being a little more complex than the others. A light-coloured square goes particularly well with a dark suit on festive occasions. Another name for this technique is the three-corners-up fold.

  1. Fold the square down the middle.
  2. Fold the square down the middle again.
  3. Place one corner over the opposite one to create a small extra point.
  4. Fold the left corner diagonally upwards in order to form three points.
  5. Now fold the right corner towards the centre.
  6. Put the square into the breast pocket so that only the three points are showing.
Puff pocket square

This casual fold looks nonchalant, even if it is not necessarily the easiest to create. It radiates a touch of easy elegance and is therefore especially popular with style-conscious men. The technique works best with patterned or striped linen and silk squares. This folding technique became popular through the influence of Fred Astaire, who wore a puff fold square with tails as a matter of course.

  1. Lay the square flat.
  2. Puff up the square and place it in the breast pocket with the edge facing down, then arrange it into shape.

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Men

We have already arrived in the middle of December. We missed Black Friday and all around us are in Christmas stress and gift fever. Like every year we sit there and ask ourselves the question what to give to our partner, husband, father, grandpa, brother and buddy. So that you can relax and enjoy the pre-Christmas season, we have put together a list. Whether you are a connoisseur, styling expert, sports fanatic or grill master – here you will find the right gift for every type of man.

Accessories from wood

Sustainable products are absolutely in vogue – and this also applies to fashion. Especially products made of wood look very elegant and make the outfit something special. Clocks or cufflinks can be combined perfectly with casual looks as well as evening wear.

Clock from wood core | Price: §§§
Cufflinks from WildWood | Price: §

Must Haves for the grill master

Whether in winter or summer. The grill is the territory of the man. Here he can give free rein to his creativity and live out all his wishes. So that new recipes can be tried out again next year, these are the perfect Christmas presents for the home barbecue.

Hamburg press by Fackelmann | Price: §
Grill cutlery set from Butch | Price: §§

Wine tasting for the connoisseur

What’s better than a good drop? For all those who appreciate a good wine and want to delve deeper into the world of wine production and the work of the sommelier, a wine tasting is the highlight of the coming year. Tip: Best suited for connoisseurs and couples.

Vineyard hike with tasting of mydays | Price: §§
Wine seminar for two by Jochen Schweizer | Price: §§§

Care products that should not be missing in the cupboard

When men hear the word care product, their hair quickly stands on end. This cliché is now completely outdated. There should be more in the cosmetics cabinet for men than deodorant and hair gel. And perfume is not the only classic under the Christmas tree.

Bath and shower gel from TABAC | Price: §
3-piece shaving set from Jagshaving | Price: §§

The icing on the cake for the evening outfit

Whether New Year’s Eve, wedding or prom – with a suit in black or grey and is man always dressed right. If you don’t want to be too daring, but still want to upgrade your styling, accessories are the best choice. A bow tie, a well-folded handkerchief or suspenders complete the outfit for a special evening.

Bow tie and handkerchief by CG - CLUB of GENTS | Price: §§
Suspenders from CG - CLUB of GENTS | Price: §§

The comeback of the turntable

To prevent the good old records from gathering dust on the shelves, all music lovers should have a record player at home. These are currently experiencing a comeback and come in different designs according to taste.

Wooden record player from Soundmaster | Price: §§§
Vertical turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems | Price: §§§

Foosball table for football fans

Next year the European Football Championship will take place. While the professionals fight for victory on the pitch, the men can practice at home on the kicker. What is more suitable for a joint public viewing than a warm-up at the table soccer table. Ideally suited for all football fans and never aging playing children.

Foosball table from Automaten Hoffmann | Price: §§§

How Teddy boys, mods and punks find their way back into today’s fashion world

London, city of fish ‘n’ chips, pubs, rain, Big Ben – and of music and fashion. It’s where the young, forever attracted to the metropolis, set the trends. They’re eccentrics who grab the attention, and who don’t care a lot about social conventions. They make clear statements and they set the course. We’ll show you how the Ted, mod and punk subcultures shape the styles of the fashion world to this day.

Teddy Boys – Rock ’n’ Roll as a protest movement

Teddy boys originated in the early 1950s and with their elegant style, they stamped the established middle class as proletarians. They were emulating their great idol: Elvis Presley. Teddy boys wore long jackets with wide lapels. The jackets were complemented by skinny pants and shoes known as “creepers”. Their so-called “drapes” gave the Teds their name, because originally, this type of long jacket was fashionable during King Edward VII’s reign. The king’s friends had called him Ted, and this led to the irreverent term for the young men of the 1950s. In the sixties, new subcultures replaced the Teds, but they were revived in the early eighties with teddy-boy bands like Crazy Cavan, Matchbox or Stray Cats.

Mods – heading for the top with scooter and parka

They were thought “modernists” because of their love for the latest fashion and for the new black dance music: Mods, for short. These young men were working-class youths who, in the early 1960s, wanted to leave their social origins behind. Their goal was social advancement, which they symbolized with their sophisticated clothing style. They wore tight-fitting Italian tailored suits, narrow ties and expensive brand-name T-shirts. Their hallmark: the scooter. These boys wore hooded green parkas to protect their expensive brand clothing while they were driving their scooters. As early as the mid-sixties, the movement went mainstream, and the mod subculture was history. The skinheads, and followers of the Northern Soul scene, which is active to this day, are their successors.

Punks – anything but glamour

The 1970s were the golden age of Disco, especially in New York. In London, a movement began to counter the glamour of Studio 54. The punks provoked by their appearance. Contrary to common belief, they attached great importance to their looks. Black leather jackets and torn T-shirts with band logos, or provocative sayings characterised their style. They went for bondage trousers with straps, pockets and many colourful fabrics. They were able to obtain all this from a London boutique called SEX, which was run by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. Today, studs and spiked collars are found not only in the underground scene. Since the emergence of the sensational brand Vetements, which was launched by designer Demna Gvasalia, they have reached the status of luxury goods.

CG – CLUB of GENTS combines mod style with Brit pop sound

The brand CG – CLUB of GENTS brings the style of the London mods into today’s fashion world. The authenticity, freedom and dress-code of the original subculture serve as inspiration for the brand’s collections. CG – CLUB of GENTS combines the mod lifestyle with the sounds of the eighties and early nineties. That was the time when distorted guitar riffs were heard in London’s clubs. Oasis, Blur und Fury in the Slaughterhouse dominated the music scene.

Our film tip: Quadrophenia (1979)
Set in the mid-sixties, mods fight rockers to a backdrop of music by the Who.

Our styling tip on the subject: Fish ’n‘ Popszene (2019)
CG – CLUB of GENTS brings mod style back to the streets of London.

Your first visit to a casino – great tips for a successful evening

The world of casinos is quite a special one. Certain things have to be taken into consideration when exploring the intriguing world of gambling. This includes winning strategies and tactics – as well as the rules of conduct and the dress code. We are going to look at how to prepare for your first evening at the casino.

What to wear at the casino

When visiting a casino, you enter an incomparable atmosphere that reflects its patrons and their appearance. You will not be permitted to enter if wearing jeans and a t-shirt. For such an occasion, evening wear is recommended. A dark suit teamed with a bow-tie is a classic choice for men. By choosing a corduroy or velvet jacket, you will up the ante on style. Women should wear dresses. Nowadays, elegant dresses made of silk or velvet are just as popular as the LBD. Pumps, high-quality jewellery and carefully applied make-up round off your outfit.

How to behave at the casino

Nothing should stand in your way of being admitted to the casino if you are appropriately dressed and in possession of an ID card. For an evening when the buzz is almost tangible, it is a good idea to set yourself a spending limit. At the beginning of the game, your fixed budget is exchanged for casino tokens that can be used at any table. The croupier has the last word at the tables; his decisions are final. Once a token has been placed, it cannot be touched again. From now on, the only person allowed to touch the casino tokens on the table is the croupier

The best strategies in the casino

On entering the casino, you will notice that there are no windows or clocks. The reason for this is that the casino management wants you to lose track of time to ensure you play for as long as possible. So you should keep an eye on your watch and leave when you have made more than you’ve spent. Also, always concentrate on what is important and watch your competitors very closely. Facial expressions and other gestures often give away important hints. Try to maintain a poker face and play your cards close to your chest. This will give you a better chance of calling others’ bluff.

Winning at roulette, craps and poker

What are the best tactics to ensure you go home with a win? In roulette, you should also place outside bets – red/black, odd/even, high/low, columns and dozens. The winning margins are somewhat low here but this strategy does actually help you to win. In the game of craps, you will have a big advantage if you know the probabilities of the pip totals. If so, you can make a tactical decision and place the best bet. In poker, on the other hand, you can be bolder and take a chance. If you have a good hand, such as high pairs, get as much as you can from the other players.

If you follow the basic rules and familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, nothing should stand in your way for a successful evening. Explore the world of casinos. The roulette ball rolls, the chips are down – all bets are off!

Buttons made of natural materials – the perfect alternative to plastic

Suits represent quality and style. But are the details also sustainable and high quality? Tagua nut buttons are the latest trend in sustainable fashion. This article provides some important information about this amazing raw material.

Vegetable ivory from South America

The tagua nut is also called vegetable ivory and is highly regarded by those wishing to use natural raw materials. The tagua nut palm is native to South America. This genus of palms finds everything it needs for growth in the lush, swampy forests of Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. It produces fruit balls that contain the desirable nuts. In size and appearance they resemble a beehive. Each fruit ball contains up to eighty tagua nuts, which are soft and even edible just after harvesting.

How buttons are produced from these nuts

How are high-quality buttons made from these nuts? The first step is to allow the tagua nut to harden. This is achieved by drying it in the sun for several months. On its exterior, the tagua nut has a brown-black skin. But inside is hidden wonderfully shimmering ivory-coloured flesh, which has now become rock hard. Milling, sawing, turning, pressing… the nut is shaped by various processes until it becomes a button. At this stage there are various options for processing it further. In order to achieve the most natural effect possible, the button is polished to a high gloss. Alternatively, the buttons can also be dyed or marbled.

Sophisticated tagua nut buttons for sustainable fashion

In times of climate change and nature conservation, the tagua nut plays an increasingly important role today, particularly in the world of fashion: palms cannot be cultivated, and grow only in a pristine and unspoilt environment. CG – CLUB of GENTS is among those companies setting an example against the deforestation of the rainforest in South America by using tagua nuts as buttons. In the world of sustainable materials, the tagua nut cannot be ignored: in addition to their longevity, these buttons are also bio-degradable and thus a great alternative to plastic. They particularly come into their own on our jackets and coats made of natural fabrics.

Where can you find the best fish and chips in London?

Fish and chips are an absolute must if you want to make your trip to England’s capital city perfect. So you don’t get bogged down in the vast array of offers, we’ve compiled our four favourite fish and chip restaurants in London.

England’s culinary delight

Fish and chips is one of England’s national dishes; it consists of fried, battered fish – usually cod or haddock – and traditional thick-cut chips. Add salt, vinegar, ketchup and tartare sauce and you’ve got the original British meal! Nowadays, you can get fish and chips on every street corner for any price. Here are our four favourites in London town.

1. The Golden Hind in Marylebone

The little restaurant The Golden Hind in the heart of Marylebone has an inviting cosy atmosphere to go with its traditional fish and chips. Not only is the quality of the food here amazing, so is the quantity! In addition to the great value for money, there’s also a great selection of side dishes. You can also order takeaway, which is very practical as you often have to wait a while for a table. The restaurant is also unique in that you can bring your own drinks with you – the staff will even provide you with glasses! The nearest underground station is Bond Street.

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2. North Sea Fish Restaurant in Bloomsbury

Just like The Golden Hind, the North Sea Fish Restaurant offers great quality food, but with an even larger selection of fish. Here the national dish is served with homemade tartare sauce and either traditional chips or boiled potatoes. This family-run restaurant also offers a separate chippy, where you can order takeaway to enjoy on the streets of London. Due to the variety and the quality of the food, prices are in the upper range. The restaurant is located on the corner of Leigh Street and Sandwich Street. The closest underground stations are King’s Cross St Pancras and Russell Square.

Visit their website:

3. Masters Super Fish in Waterloo

It’s usually a good sign when you see the locals frequenting a restaurant – then you can be sure that both the price and the flavour appeal to English tastes. Masters Super Fish is one of these establishments and serves wonderfully large portions. As well as chips, ketchup and tartare sauce, they also serve onions and gherkins on the side. There’s a restaurant area and a takeaway section, which often attracts a queue around lunchtime. The restaurant is located close to the London Eye. It’s just a 5–8-minute walk from the underground stations Waterloo or Southwark.

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4. The Fryer’s Delight in Holborn

No other restaurant embodies such a retro British atmosphere as the Fryer’s Delight. This chip shop has been serving traditional fish and chips since 1958 with lots of attention to detail. The food is fried in beef dripping, which gives it its incomparable flavour. Eating in and experiencing the authentic interior is an absolute must and value for money is ideal for the area. It’s a maximum 7-minute walk from the underground stations Holborn, Chancery Lane and Russell Square.

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The charm of fish and chips on the catwalk

In the current Autumn/Winter collection, we used the charm of the traditional fish and chip restaurant to bring across our collection theme “Fish ‘n’ Popscene” and the Brit Pop mentality that goes with it. We shot on location at the Fryer’s Delight; the red tables and the black-and-white tiles were in perfect harmony with the collection’s winter styles and colour tones. It was a great production with lots of attention to detail.

See the current styles here.


We hope we were able to give you a little insight into the gastronomic delights of London town. Enjoy your culinary adventure! Have you ever eaten in one of our Top 4 restaurants? Have you tried the food served at our shooting location, The Fryer’s Delight? Let us know in the comments below!