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After a strenuous working day, who does not enjoy experiencing the evening fade away in a bar on in their garden or on their balcony at home? Preferably with a cold drink in their hand. Even better, with a good cocktail. (In order to be clear from the outset, however, if your favourite cocktail is a vodka with Red Bull, then you should stop reading this article now!). We show you two of the best summer cocktails which tend to be rarely available in any bars.

#1 Mai Tai



Strength: 4/5

For: Rum lovers

Nothing for: Bumblers



Mai Tai is one of the most well-known cocktails there is.  Despite this, however, 10 different drinks are served if it is ordered in 10 different bars. One of the best recipes is unfortunately rarely, or never, to be found. Our absolute favourite Mai Tai is made without pineapple and orange juice, but still tastes fruity nevertheless. The taste of the rum comes much better to the fore when it is On Top.

What you need:

Here's how it is made

Squeeze the lime, put all the ingredients into the shaker and shake well with 3 large ice cubes. Then pour the contents without the ice cubes into a cocktail glass and top up with crushed ice.

What makes it special

As neither orange- or pineapple juice is used, the spicy rum aroma really comes into its own. Rose’s Lime Juice and the juice of the squeezed lime nevertheless provide Mai Tai with a fruity-sweet note.

#2 Fresh Ginger Gin



Strength: 2/5

For: You and me

Nothing for: ???


The drink which has been totally trending for the past few years is without doubt Gin and Tonic. But Gin originating from England can be mixed well not just with Tonic or Martini. The spicy-fruity aroma of the gin unfolds perfectly above all in combination with citrus drinks.

What you need:

Here's how it is made

Pour the Gin, apple juice, lemon juice and elderflower syrup into a long drink glass over 3 ice cubes and stir well with a bar spoon. Fill up the glass with ginger ale.

What makes it special

The slight spicy ginger ale harmonises perfectly with the sour lemon juice and the sweet elderflower syrup. When combined with the Gin, a refreshing summer cocktail is the result.

Grab that shaker

What are you waiting for? Grab that shaker and treat yourself to that well-deserved down time cocktail!


Your CG- Club of Gents Team

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