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The coolest stories in life are not about boring everyday work, but about emotional experiences and parties with friends. Which is exactly why we created the CG - CLUB of GENTS Club Tour. We want to celebrate together with you in Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna, London and Hamburg - at our expense!
You can find out how you can take part and get all the other information about the tour in the article.

On September 6th, the CG – CLUB of GENTS Clubtour is starting in Berlin. After that, another party will take place in a big European city every Thursday.

Top DJs and free Drinks

There will be a top DJ in every city. The Boiler Room legends Raji Rags and DJane TEREZA (a list of all DJs can be found further down in the article) will be part of the show. And all drinks are for free - all evening long!

 Sounds good? Then secure your place on the guest list now and experience an unforgettable evening with us!

This is how you can take part

Just reserve a place on the guest list in the city of your choice. A click on the respective date takes you directly to the registration page and the reservation is completely free for you!

 Only those on the guest list have the chance to get into the club in the evening. Moreover, the guest list per city is limited to 250 places.
So let your friends know and sign up!

Further information

You want more info? You will find everything about the CG - CLUB of GENTS Club Tour 2018 on

Your CG - CLUB of GENTS Team

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