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The textile industry is struggling. Almost every day there are headlines like "hard times for the fashion industry". However, there are brands that take a different approach, seize market share and grow dynamically. A 12-page article in the current issue of TextilWirtschaft is dedicated to these labels and we are one of them.

TextilWirtschaft refers to labels as "Die Aufmischer" which get the product ranges going, gain market share and grow steadily - even in a difficult environment. The article focuses on 10 brands from various categories, including Joop!, Eton, Calvin Klein, Tigha and us - CG - CLUB of GENTS.

The best among the basics

From the point of view of the Textilwirtschaft, our formula for success is to be "the best among the basics". Our modular suits form the basis. Innovative designs, modern fits at fair and affordable prices. Those who prefer a more progressive look will find what they are looking for in our seasonal collections.

More than just a product

In addition to our products, we offer our customers even more: emotional marketing! No matter whether free tattoos on the sales areas of our dealers, parties throughout Europe at our expense or our own exclusive fashion show in Berlin. The focus is always on the customer.

From TW's perspective, the combination of product and marketing gives our brand a "groove that sets the label apart from the monotony of the mainstream" (TW No. 40_2018).

Many thanks dear TW for this article, we continue to do our best to "stir up" the market!


You can find the complete article in the current issue of TextilWirtschaft Nr.40 2018.

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