Fashion Interview: Daoud Daftarie

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Fashion Interview: Daoud Daftarie

He works with well-known photographers and models, organises photo shoots and ensures the styling is perfect. Daoud Daftarie has found his dream job as an editor, stylist and consultant in the fashion industry. We caught up with him at Fashion Week in Berlin to talk about his work and to learn some styling tips to create the perfect look for suits.

What is your job and how did you find your dream career?


I work as a freelance fashion editor and stylist. I design and organise photo shoots for magazines like ELLE and L’Officiel. I also work on the styling for campaigns and look books for fashion brands such as CG – CLUB OF GENTS. After studying fashion design and completing a year-long internship with Anna Sui in New York, I worked as a fashion editor for various fashion magazines. In 2002, I launched into self-employment and have been working as a freelancer since then.

What do you like most about being a stylist?    

Daoud: Creating a look. I find the whole process fascinating; creating a look and an image from a large collection and lots of product groups with the help of accessories and styling.

How did you start working with CG – CLUB of GENTS?

Daoud: I’ve been working in close collaboration with the CG – CLUB of GENTS’ team since 2017, creating the styling for the campaigns’ collections. We have worked together on these in London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam as well as other places. I also work with the CG team on the styling for the CG – CLUB of GENTS fashion show at Berlin Fashion Week.

Do you have a favourite model or outfit at CG – CLUB of GENTS?

Daoud: When choosing models, CG – CLUB of GENTS focuses less on typical commercial models and more on individuals who are always chosen for their particular look – so it’s not really possible to choose a favourite. And as for the outfits, of course there are unconventional pieces in the collection, showcased in the fashion show in particular. One example is the floor-length faux fur coat modelled at the fashion show in Berlin in January.

What does good styling depend on and what is a complete no-no?

Daoud: There aren’t any no-no’s any more, thank goodness. The most important thing is not to over-style your outfit.

What pieces should every man have in his wardrobe?   

Daoud: That rather depends on your job and lifestyle. But a ‘good’ suit is essential. You need a suit for work and for festive occasions. And then the jacket can also go with t-shirts and jeans and the suit trousers can be combined with a shirt and a pullover.

What should you look for in your first suit? 

Daoud: The right sleeve and trouser length!  As you don’t buy a suit every day, it is worth the investment to have your suit fitted perfectly by a good tailor.

What tips do you have for accessories? How can you upgrade your outfit?

Daoud: A suit is an all-rounder. It doesn’t necessarily have to be upgraded by accessories, rather restyled for different occasions: a suit can be given a casual look by wearing it with trainers and a white t-shirt. You can create the ideal business look by wearing a shirt, tie, pocket square and leather shoes. Or you can look like a rock star with pointed-toe boots, patterned shirt and a neckerchief.

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