CG - CLUB of GENTS verteilt kostenlose Tattoos am Lollapalooza

Free minimalist tattoos. Great music. Exclusive T-shirts. With our #SUITEDandINKED tour, we were at one of the coolest festivals that are – the Lollapalooza in Berlin. In the blog you can read why we offer free tattoos and what else was going on during the two days at the Lollapalooza.

Minimal Tattoos for free

Real tattoos? Are they really for free? This was more or less what we heard at our booth during the first few hours at the Lollapalooza on Saturday. When the people realized that the tattoos were not just decals, the booth filled up within a few minutes.


Now one might ask: "Why tattoos - don't you make suits?"

But does the one necessarily exclude the other? Our goal is that people free themselves from the classical image of a suit-wearer. A suit need not be boring, and even less a uniform. On the contrary, a good suit is to enhance the wearer's character. Endowing him with individualism. Similar to what a tattoo achieves. So, why not combine both of them?


For us, however, the tattoo campaign at the Lollapalooza was not a one-off event. Since 2016, we have been on the road in German with our #SUITEDandINKED tour, providing tattoos at various retailers' on their sales areas – for free. We have even had our first experience with festivals. In July, the tattoo tour targeted the OPEN BEATZ festival in Herzogenaurach.

However, a few changes had been introduced versus the previous events.


This time, the campaign was not held on the sales area. Instead, it was headed for the Lollapalooza in Berlin – one of the biggest music festivals world-wide.
During two days, the music fans had the chance to enjoy acts like the Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Beatsteaks or Cro.

In addition, the Lollapalooza presented a dedicated area for lifestyle brands: the Fashionpalooza.

Next to brands like Levi's, GOT2B and Liebeskind, we also had a surface area of 80 m² which was buzzing for two whole days. In addition to free tattoos and an overseas shipping container, there were 30 deckchairs for visitors to relax in. But also in terms of staff, a lot had changed compared to the past campaigns.


Instead of a tattooist, 5 ink artists accompanied us to Berlin. In addition to Bronko Steel, who is on tattoo tour for us all the year round, there were four new faces: Jenny, Olly, Mike and Jochen.

The combined power of the 5 tattooists was worth it. The kids did over 300 tattoos within the two days of the festival.





Bronko Steel


Free minimalist tattoos were not all the visitors to our booth discovered. Exclusive for the Lollapalooza, we designed a CG – CLUB of GENTS x FASHIONPALOOZA T-shirt. We distributed the shirts in a limited edition of 200 items to the festival fans. Fashion blogger @vanbossen was one of those who got hold of such a T-shirt.

Moreover, all visitors to the festival were entitled to participate in the #SUITEDandINKED prize draw and win a Teufel Rockster XS.


What do you think of the tattoo campaign at the Lollapalooza?

Would you also like to have a free minimalist tattoo? Then you should visit us at one of our tour stops all over Germany. You can find all the event dates on .


Your CG – CLUB of GENTS Team

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