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Music is good for the soul, affects our mood and forms an indispensable part of our lives.  Precisely for these reasons, you should think twice before acting when it comes to choosing your headphones or speakers. We have a little secret tip for you below and will also show you how you can win one of these.

What makes finding the right headphones so difficult?

The market is admittedly currently somewhat overrun and you can quickly lose any overview, given the wealth of suppliers out there - Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, Panasonic, Phillips... Once the decision has finally been made in favour of one headphone model delivering the desired sound and also looking good, it then turns out the price is often enough to frighten you off again. For a high-quality On-Ear set of headphones produced by the leading brands, you can quickly find yourself handing €200-300 over the store counter.


We have established that expensive does not always have to mean good and that there is definitely a small secret tip called:

Teufel - Innovation from Berlin

The company of Teufel was founded in Berlin in 1979 with assembly kits for loudspeakers and has been making a name for itself through its strength in innovation from the very start.

The first order could already be placed by email back in 1985. It has been possible to buy its products in the Teufel online shop since 1997. Among other products, Teufel today supplies the largest and loudest Bluetooth loudspeakers in the world. You cannot Rock ‘n Roll better than with the Teufel ROCKSTER!

Many advantages

Teufel particularly gains points in comparison with its competitors due the extremely good value for money of its products, as these are marketed directly to the end customer and are not supplied via retailers. Furthermore, when it comes to advertising Teufel just keeps things to a minimum, which is also noticeable in its end prices.


The Berlin-based company is, though, not just distinguished by its sensational value for money prices. All products can be heard for a trial period of 8 weeks and with a full right to return within that period. In addition, Teufel offers a full 12 years guarantee on all of its loudspeakers.


As well as quality, price and performance, their products also look really good as well.

Their portable products, in particular, that is to say their headphones and Bluetooth speakers, speak of a mobile lifestyle.

Our highlight

We particularly liked the Teufel AIRY, an elegant Bluetooth set of headphones with a strong sound for being on the move. The headphones can be personalised using the associated Color-Kit so they can always be adapted to match your outfit and style.

Get your own teufel AIRY

As you may perhaps have been able to guess, we have been very impressed by the company’s products and that is precisely why we have decided to launch a campaign jointly with Teufel.


From September 2016 you will have the chance to win a set of Teufel AIRY headphones at many CG – Club of Gents outlets. We will shortly be publishing the outlets taking part on this blog.

But that, of course, is not all!

We are running a raffle on our Facebook page for a further Teufel AIRY!

How do you rate Teufel products? Have you already had any experience with them? We hope we have been able to arouse your interest in this wonderful brand from Berlin.

Your CG- Club of Gents Team

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