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Anyone entering a chemist's is almost overwhelmed by the selection of perfumes on offer. Hardly any distinction can be made after smelling the third perfume on offer and when you have finally found the perfume which is right for you, the scent has vanished after just a few minutes...
We will show you 5 perfumes for men which will impress you with their quality and which are suitable for every man!


The classic for the evening

Kouros from Ives Saint Laurent is the perfect perfume for the evening. Men have been able to choose the spicy aroma, consisting of coriander, sage, clove, patchouli, cinnamon, honey, leather and tonka beans, as their daily companion since 1984 now. Women are particularly drawn by the heavy, aromatic perfume!

Everyday and business

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme is a fresh, fascinating and discreet fragrance and is therefore perfectly suited for wearing for both everyday and business use. The combination of labdanum, pine balsam and bergamot endows the perfume with a slightly wooden, leather-like character. Despite its woody character, the fragrance at times can become overpowering. In 2014, Pour Homme received the Duftstar Award for the best, exclusive perfume for men.

Leisure time and evening

Code Homme Ultimate from Giorgio Armani is the new version of Code Homme and is even more captivating, distinctive and masculine than its predecessor. Code Homme Ultimate offers a slightly sweet, intensive fragrance which is perfectly suited for leisure time and evening. The combination of grapefruit and mandarins on the one hand and cedar wood, tonka bean and vanilla on the other go to create an incomparable extravaganza of fragrances.

Leisure time and business

Vetiver from Guerlain is a fresh and extraordinary fragrance which is the right choice both for leisure and also business. The mixture of orange, bergamot, lemon, nutmeg, pepper and vetiver calls to mind an early morning fragrance. The perfume tends, however, to be rather light in comparison and does not have any obtrusive effect. Vetiver from Guerlain received the 2015 Duftstar Award in the category for classic perfumes for men for its unique odour.

Everyday, business and after-business

The all-round winner among perfumes is provided by Sauvage from Dior. The wooden note provided by precious amber is supplemented with a fresh bergamot fragrance. This renders Sauvage a distinctive and masculine fragrance, which its freshness makes perfect for everyday, business and after-business use.

Choosing the right perfume is of course always a matter of personal taste and everyone has to choose for himself which perfume he would like to wear when and where. The perfumes presented here are only intended to provide some guidance (plus Christmas is not that far away now, either!). 😉

What do you think of the fragrances? Do you like them?

Your CG- Club of Gents Team

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