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The magazine TextilWirtschaft has been taking a close look at the German market for suits and we are delighted by the fantastic approval expressed.


2016 TW study of suits

The aim of the study was to gain an overview of the market in Germany for suits and jackets and to generate an overall image of the brands marketed there. To this end, TextilWirtschaft carried out an online survey among 151 German retailers in August 2016.

The survey covered a very wide range of topics. Among other things, information was gathered from the retailers about fashion, the range on offer in the area of combinations, jackets and complete outfits, brand desirability, emotional attachment to brand, product quality, correct fits, value for money and the benefits of partnership arrangements with the retailers.

Competition and market environment

A total of 27 brands formed the focus of the study, including:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Joop!
  • Boss
  • Drykorn
  • Strellson
  • Cinque
  • Tiger of Sweden
  • Tommy Hilfiger

and of course CG – Club of Gents.

Test champion in the fashion category

In the area of fashion, questions were raised, among other issues, about how well brands implement trends in a way appropriate for target groups and how innovative the brand is in its use of materials and designs. Among all 27 brands, CG – Club of Gents was able emerge to accrue the most points in this regard and to emerge as test champion.

Second place in overall image among 27 brands

In all other categories as well, we were able to make more than a good impression and in the end were able to secure

second place in terms of overall image among 27 brands.

In comparison with the TextilWirtschaft study of suits in 2014, we were thus able to move up in all categories and to progress in the overall rating from place 5 to place 2.

If you would like to study all the results in detail, we would suggest you buy a copy of the current edition of TextilWirtschaft.


At this point, we would naturally like to thank you and our retailers for your support during the past few years.

Who knows where our journey together will still lead us? We can, however, already promise you one thing now; that we will not rest on our laurels and will continue to do all we can to put together super collections in the future as well.

Danke an alle CG - Club of Gents

Your CG - Club of Gents Team!

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