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Have you spent a lot of money for a suit and yet your appearance as a whole still does not look right? We show you the 4 worst style mistakes there are and how you can do better!


#1 Jacket too large

The most frequent mistake made is very probably the jacket being worn in a size up to two sizes too large. Even though a good men's tailor can alter many things, such as the length of the arms, the length of the jacket or the width of the waistline, it will be very expensive if the shoulders do not sit properly. You can see from this picture how your jacket should sit. Our Jacket Fitting Guide shows you everything in detail.

#2 Crew-neck t-shirt under an unbuttoned shirt

Even if worn this way by Stefan Raab for years, it is still very far from meaning it is right. Ideally, the collar of a shirt should be chosen in a way which flatters the shape of the face, even if the shirt is worn open. If the shirt is worn open, it being possible to see the crew-cut T-shirt beneath it is a total no-go.

The solution? Look at the picture! Do not wear a T-shirt under the shirt or swap to V-neck T-shirts which cannot be seen under the unbuttoned shirt.

#3 Sartorial seam or labels not removed

Sartorial seams or fixing seams are used to retain the shape of the jacket while it is being transported and up to the time it is sold. The seams are frequently to be found on the shoulders (picture), the back vents or also on the pockets of a suit. These should be removed after purchase. Unfortunately, men can all too frequently be seen who have forgotten to remove these seams or to have had them removed. The same applies to the label (picture), which can frequently be found on the sleeve.

#4 Trousers too long

Have your trousers shortened! One of the best alterations which can be made and yet many men can still be seen whose trousers are too long and as if they have just emerged from the Hip-Hop scene of the 1990s. Trouser length is of course also dictated by fashion and in part is also a matter of personal taste. In the case of fashionable, narrow trousers above all, however, trouser legs should end directly on the shoe and only have one slight fold at most.

We hope we have been able to supply you with the information you need to help you avoid making one of these mistakes yourself!

Your CG- Club of Gents Team

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