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“You frequently forget what is going on in the world around you when you are relaxing riding on your longboard”.

That at any rate is what Paul from the Nuremberg Boardnerds has to say. In our stress-laden everyday lives, we are constantly looking for a little relaxation and tranquillity. And even more so, if you can do something good for your body at the same time. These were reasons enough for us to pay a visit again to the Boardnerds and to go longboarding with them. This time, we accompanied the lads on a visit to one of their favourite spots, the Steintribüne in Nuremberg.

Longboarding as the forerunner to skateboarding

When you see a longboard, you may think about skating straight away. The reality is, however, when a closer look is taken, is that the two types of sport actually have little to do with each other. Longboarding developed from surfing when surfers had the idea of fixing roller skate wheels under their boards so as to be able to experience the fun of riding on their boards on the street as well as on the water. It was only later that the boards were shortened, new tricks were added and skateboarding developed from longboarding.

Focus on cruising

Compared to skating, however, relaxed cruising forms the real focal point in longboarding. This does not mean that tricks cannot be performed, but the much greater flexibility of a skateboard is better adapted for this. Nevertheless, certain categories have developed in longboarding which do not necessarily exist with skating. In addition to cruising, rolling downhill and dancing have, above all, become most popular among those riding longboards.

Suitable for beginners?

As the boards are longer, the axles are further apart and the roller skate wheels are larger and softer, riding on a longboard is a considerably more pleasant experience than riding on a skateboard. Beginners can also stand with a much greater degree of safety and can move forwards quickly from the word go. We experienced the same thing as well and were able to move relatively quickly and safely from the start. Still a bit shaky to begin with, but after a short period of practicing, we were also able to forget about the world around us and experience for ourselves why so many people take to their longboards.

We would like to say again, ‘Thank you, dear Boardnerds’. We spent another great day with you!


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