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You think a suit is boring officewear? It certainly is, if it is not combined right. That’s why we'll show you how your suit will help you to make a real impression. The classic suit is a real fashion trend for men - with few variations. These four tips make you a trendsetter!

#1 Dare to wear patterns!

If you're looking for the right suit for your lifestyle, you've never had more choice than now!
The trend is towards patterns. Checks, stripes or rhomboids add pep to your wardrobe. You should combine colours and patterns smartly.

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Make sure that the garments have a maximum of three patterns, and that the colours match! A plain jacket with patterned shirt and patterned trousers? Trend! A three-piece suit in fine Prince-of-Wales check? Trend! The patterned jacket with discreet trousers and white shirt? You have got it: Trend!

#2 Jersey waistcoats

Waistcoats have experienced a real renaissance in recent years. Not only worn under a jacket as part of a three-piece suit. But as a real stylish element combined with jeans or chinos, with a shirt or T-shirt.

Anzug Trends karo

Many of our waistcoats are made of jersey. The fabric is light and falls well, is stretchy and moreover compensates temperature, which is important when you wear it under a jacket.

Jersey waistcoats also offer a wide choice of fabric structures and weaves. And here is where you come in: What fits your style? The fine dark blue waistcoat with piped pockets or the chic double-breasted check waistcoat? Together with a T-shirt or shirt with rolled-up sleeves, the waistcoat becomes the unique eye-catcher in your performance!

3 Pennyloafers are the new shoes for suits

In its beginnings in the 1930s, the slip-on shoe with a low heel was particularly popular among American students - hence its name “college shoe”. The range of Pennyloafer models is wide: from the soft suede model in different colours, to more classic patent leather models, to patterned shoes or shoes with tassels. By the way, when wearing Pennyloafers in combination with the current shorter trousers or trousers with turn-ups showing the ankles, it is better if you wear these shoes without socks.

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#4 The modern alternative to a tie

Daring fashionistas wear a scarf or a bow instead of a tie. Patterned neckerchiefs in colours matching the outfit, which fit tightly and are knotted at the side or front in the middle, can be highlights. 

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Bows had long disappeared from the fashion stage. Now they're making a comeback. The unusual alternative is nothing more than a long, narrow cloth ribbon tied into a bow.

Anzug Trends karo

Of course, a tie may be a stylish accessoire. A narrow tie under a waistcoat is still very much en vogue.


No matter which of our tips you implement: you may rest assured that with a perfectly fitting suit, you are automatically well dressed. Consciously selected combinations of colours and patterns, together with matching accessories round off your style. With the modern, narrow suit cuts, you should attach particular importance to the fact that the suit, whether a two- or three-piece suit, fits properly. In addition to the quality of the fabrics used and the workmanship involved, a perfect fit is important. You should therefore obtain good advice when buying your suit and, if necessary, have alterations made by the tailor you trust. Please refer to our Fit Guide to find out how your suit should fit correctly.

Your CG - CLUB of GENTS Team

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