Savile Row and the creation of a bespoke suit

Oct 1, 2019 Stories

Savile Row and the creation of a bespoke suit

Tailored suits from Savile Row

What exactly is Savile Row?

Anyone in search of an exclusive, bespoke suit should visit London. The shopping street “Savile Row” has been located in the City of Westminster borough for over 170 years and is known the world over for its exclusive men’s wear specialists. Here, a string of tailors offer their customers bespoke clothing, ranging from traditional fashion to ultra-modern outfits. That’s why the street is also referred to as “the golden mile of tailoring”. On Savile Row, sophisticated men of the world have been dressed for generations – Gary Cooper, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Napoleon III, as well as the Stones, the Windsors and the Rothschilds.

The bespoke process – how a tailor-made suit is created

In order to create the best suits in the world, the Savile Row tailors always take individual measurements. And the term “bespoke” means just that – each garment is planned individually with each customer. A bespoke suit can cost around £4,000 and take several months to make. The project starts with a consultation about the customer’s preferences, ideas and wishes. Once the desired fabric has been selected from the weavers’ collections, the design for an exclusive model is created. In contrast to made-to-measure clothing, a real tailor’s workshop creates a one-off pattern, with no limits as to the variety of details. The suit is then sewn, tried on and provided with trimmings.

Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS

In order to pass on the feel of bespoke suits and the flair of the legendary Savile Row to our customers, the subline Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS was created in 2017. It stands for the modern man who is young in spirit and who values quality, the art of tailoring, exclusive fabrics and details. The collection evokes the lifestyle of the British Mod culture and Brit pop scene. A creative statement against the establishment. High-quality fabrics, fashionable silhouettes, uncompromising workmanship, design highlights and meticulously crafted details create an appetite for the brand, for that touch of the extraordinary.

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