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A visit to the nuremberg boardnerds

Anyone who, despite our modest summer weather, has ever lost their way at a lake or on the bank of river will be familiar with this picture. People are seen standing on a big surf board on the water and paddling around with it. The whole thing is referred to as Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short.

We show you all you need to know about SUP and how we tried it out as well.

Suitable for beginners as well?

When we dared to get onto the board for the first time, the whole thing was certainly somewhat shaky. After a few minutes, however, we had already gotten the knack to some extent and can now safely say that anyone can do Stand Up Paddling. It makes no difference how good you are at sport or how experienced you are in water sports. There is a board which is suitable for every level of ability. If someone cannot paddle, they can be paddled by someone else and if someone cannot swim, they can put on a life jacket. All that is needed is a board, a paddle and, of course, water.

Finding the right board

Short, long, thin, broad, inflatable, hard? The best thing is to try out which board and paddle go best together directly on the water. With the Boardnerds in Nuremberg, for example, you can try out approx. 30 different shapes and then decide which is the best one for you. The hire cost per hour is about €12.  Once you have found out which board is the one for you and you begin to enjoy paddling, then it makes sense to buy your own equipment.

This is, however, not entirely cheap. A beginner’s board, including paddle, will quickly set you back around €1,000. Professional boards will quickly see you parting with double that amount.

Lake, river or sea?

You can paddle anywhere, depending on your personal skill level. On a quiet river, lake or sea, but also in terms of white-water riding or wave surfing.

The Boardnerds recommend making an excursion to the River Rednitz in the vicinity of Nuremberg. The section between Schwabach and Nürnberg Mühlhof is a secret tip and never fails to fascinate paddlers coming here for the first time. Near to the town and yet completely quiet and overgrown, the Rednitz meanders its way through woods and meadows. You can find lots of tours and SUP spots in Germany at

Workout, sunday walk or just simply chill out?

The Boardnerds are sure about this: “Anyone getting on a board for a workout will definitely build up a great sweat.” By the same token, however, it is also perfectly possible to paddle in a fully relaxed manner or just to allow yourself to be carried downriver. You can also lie down on the SUP board and relax very well.

We in any case were carried along well and also built up a good sweat

A trend which will quickly pass?

SUP is currently undoubtedly very popular and will also be strongly practised on lakes and rivers in the future as well. Inflatable SUPs make it possible to combine large boards with a small pack size, meaning the possibility of using them is considerably increased and distinguishing them from other types of water sport requiring intensive use of materials. Your nearest SUP hire spot is also usually not that far away, allowing for access to this form of getting around.

Why you should try stand up paddling

Stand Up Paddling provides whole-body training on the water in which your sense of balance is trained. It is also great fun!
If you cannot get into paddling itself, then you can also easily practise yoga or other fitness exercises on the board and intensify your training.

We in any case were totally delighted and had a fantastic day. Many thanks, dear Boardnerds and dear Markus Konetzka from the cre-A-team; we are already looking forward to our next visit!

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