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As the year draws to a close, plans for New Year's Eve are in full swing. People who take a closer look at their invitation for celebrating the New Year's Eve may find the annotation "Dresscode - black tie". We will show you everything you need to know about this dresscode and how to ensure the perfect outfit for this occasion.

What does "Black Tie" mean?

Ironically, this dresscode does not refer to just the tie, but to a black bow tie which is a must for that outfit. You will encounter the dresscode "Black Tie" for events which commence after 6 pm and tend to be dressy. This includes soirées such as visits to the opera or a ball, elegant receptions, wedding dinners and red carpet occasions.

Essentials: Evening suit

To satisfy this dresscode, men wear a traditional black or midnight-blue evening suit and - extremely important - a black bow tie. The evening suit is normally single-button and the lapel silk-coated. Moreover, the two outer seams of the trousers feature a decorative stripe made of silk, the galloon. For information on the best fit regarding evening suits, look here.

Essentials: Shirt

This entails a white shirt to wear with an evening suit, with wing collar and covered button panel ideally equipped with French cuffs and worn with cuff links. For all the essential information on shirts, refer to our Shirt Guide.

Essentials: Bow tie

Of course, a black bow tie is an important element of the entire outfit. However, not all black bow ties are the same. Ready-made ties are appearing more and more in the retail trade. Their advantage consists in only having to attach them with a closure. However, just like in the case of ties, the bow tie knot should be adapted to the person wearing it, which cannot be realized with a ready-made bow tie. The more stylish version is the self-tying bow tie. Binding this bow tie certainly requires a little practice, but a well-bound bow tie is the icing on the cake. For an excellent choice of bow ties, look here.

Black Tie Fliege

Essentials: Dress handkerchief

Whereas the dress handkerchief is considered as an option by many, we consider it to be an absolute must. Classically, a white cotton or silk dress handkerchief is used. Those who wish to liven up their outfit with a little colour can use a dress handkerchief which matches the colours of the partner's outfit (but please no colour experiments as regards the bow tie, which remains black!). For further information, please refer to our Dress Handkerchief Guide.

Essentials: Shoes

The appropriate shoes are made of leather, black, with thin soles and, of course, polished to mirror finish. Moreover, calf height socks are essential. Nobody wants to see white socks or hairy legs at a black tie event.

Optional: Cummerbund

Views on this topic differ widely. Some people consider the cummerbund as absolutely mandatory. Others - such as we - tend to consider it as optional. If you choose to wear a cummerbund, make sure that it is of the same colour as the evening suit and of the same material as the bow tie.

Ready for the next soirée?

If you observe all the aspects in this guide, you just cannot go wrong at the next soirée.


With this in mind: Suit up! and have a great time!


Your CG - Club of Gents Team

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