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The handkerchief for all events

Is the only handkerchief you have one made of paper and is kept in your trouser pocket? If so, you need to make a change quickly! We explain all you need to know about dress handkerchiefs.

From the breast pocket to the trouser pocket and back again

The dress handkerchief, also known as a pochette, was originally, as is still the case today, a decorative cloth and was flaunted as a status symbol. Only in the 18th century, when snuff became wide-spread, did it become used as a handkerchief in the sense we understand and moved to being kept in the trouser pocket for the time being. As jackets slowly became everyday wear and were worn in the business world as well, though, the dress handkerchief also managed to revive the link with earlier times and hence reverse once again the route from the breast pocket to the trouser pocket. Since then, a pochette has again adorned the breast pocket of a jacket - at least for such time until a lady urgently needs a cloth from her cavalier.

A white dress handkerchief made of linen - you can't go wrong

In the meantime, dress handkerchiefs can now be bought in virtually any pattern and any colour and One or the Other will now provide a quick overview here. When selecting your dress handkerchief, however, there is not a lot to take into consideration.

If the classical look appeals to you, then you should use a white dress handkerchief made of linen. You can’t go wrong with that. If more colour is wanted, then there is really only one rule to be followed: One or two colours of your outfit should be reflected in the cloth.

The basic rule is that dress handkerchiefs made of silk provide a more elegant effect than dress handkerchiefs made of cotton or linen. If therefore you still do not have a dress handkerchief, then a white one made of linen and a white one made of silk - for more elegant occasions - should form part of your basic wardrobe. A good selection of dress handkerchiefs can also be found here.

a dress handkerchief just gives the final touch

The whole thing can then look, for example, like this.

Of course, you do not always need to be seen in a suit and tie. A dress handkerchief serves perfectly as well without wearing a tie and does not have to be worn with a suit. In any event, you need a jacket with a breast pocket, but are also welcome to wear jeans and a T-shirt with it. At the end of the day, it is up to you to choose the outfit you want and a dress handkerchief is just the final touch.


Then we will now show you the 5 most important types of fold for each occasion.

Depending on the occasion, you should choose these techniques:

  • Formal: Right angle fold, triangle fold, crown fold, puff fold
  • Informal: Right angle fold, double triangle fold, puff fold

We hope this article has answered all the questions you might have had and that from now your handkerchief will not be the only form of cloth you take with you. Do you have any questions about anything to do with pochettes? If so, please get in touch with us.

Your CG- Club of Gents Team

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