Fashion trends for men in spring/summer 2019

Spring is on the doorstep and the first rays of sunshine are heralding the approach of the warmer season. Natural colours and extravagant stripe patterns will be at the forefront of fashion in the coming season. Let us guide you through the styles that are on trend for spring and throughout summer. 

Slim fits and waistcoats

This summer, slim-fitting, body-emphasising cuts will be a theme in all items of clothing. With their in vogue design, they are particularly suitable for stylish men, and those who are still young at heart. The cut elegantly accentuates the body without being too narrow. Waistcoats are in the spotlight. Waistcoats are definitely in. Some have striking patterns and details.  Teaming them with leather or wooden watch chains creates an authentic nostalgic throwback. And did we mention waistcoats?

Natural tones

The upcoming season’s colours are naturals. The shades for spring and summer 2019 are the powdery tones ranging throughout the entire spectrum from pale pink, pistachio, tobacco and stone to blue. These elegant colours reflect the mood of spring, and give your look a light and casual tone in summer, too.

Stripes and small patterns

The pattern of the fabric is what is special about these new styles. Stripes and checks are used in various sizes and ways in waistcoats, shirts and suits. If you want to hit the right note with a more discreet approach, smaller patterns are the way to go. These can then be combined with other patterns - allowing you to say “I mixed them my way.”

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