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Their hairs soon stand on end whenever men hear the words care product. They see before their eyes their wife’s cosmetics cupboard, the contents of which grow by at least one product per week. Men only need a sporting shower gel and a deodorant, right?

Wrong! Because men naturally also need a certain range of care products so as to leave the house daily in a freshly groomed state. We are going to show you today what you should have in your bathroom cupboard.

Fur daily cleaning

For getting your daily kick of freshness, we recommend L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energy cleaning gel. Its soap-free and pH-neutral formula revives the skin with menthol and protects against impurities. This sets you up fully awake for the day ahead! It also works wonders after a night which went on too long 😉

Wrinkle prevention

Clarins anti-wrinkle ointment smoothens the signs of skin aging and even promises to help remove a double chin wrinkle. OK, we do not believe that bit about the double chin either, but the ointment does contain caffeine which prevents facial features from loosening and extract of jambu which promotes skin tightening.

Wrinkle prevention

As wrinkles are known to become visible first at the eyes, you should work on dealing with them there at an early stage. Clinique’s light and oil-free Age-Defense ointment for the eyes reduces lines, wrinkles, swelling and even rings around the eyes. You can use this product even at a young age to prevent skin from aging prematurely.

Our tip for seven products for skin and hair for daily use.


Fur daily grooming

The daily face ointment from Origins for Men is an oil-free, quickly absorbed moisturiser with strong, vegetable-based active ingredients. Its combination of white birch, Chinese wolfberry, extract of avocado and carrot protein has a tightening effect, keeps a shiny complexion under control and compensates for any losses in moisture.

Daily care for your skin is provided by Declaré Body Fitness Lotion and you develop an even, groomed complexion nourished with moisture.


For and against hair:

Nobody wants to have flat, lifeless hair. To help combat this, Shiseido Shampoo contains active ingredients which promote growth and also helps to prevent itching and dandruff developing. After washing with this shampoo, your hair smells not just particularly good, but it also feels stronger.

Even if beards are in at the moment, some men still cannot avoid shaving daily. If you are among them, then you should count on a product which protects your skin against the use of sharp razor blades. The product of Biotherm Homme shaving gel with bio-presence complex reduces reddening and irritation on facial skin and enables the blade to glide more smoothly over your skin.

By the way, hands off any conditioners! These do not contain any care products and only serve to make your hair easier to comb.

All products are available in major pharmacies and from various online shops such as Douglas. We hope you will have a lot of fun in your morning visit to the bathroom and that these products will meet all your wishes!

What is the situation for you? Which products do you use? Are you missing something?

Your CG- Club of Gents Team

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