Bingo! 2-5-3 Business Kick Berlin - CG – CLUB of GENTS

Companies from all over Germany meet at the 2-5-3 Business Kick in Berlin to compete at table football. This year, we attended as well, even participating with more than one team.

2-5-3 in the Felix Club Restaurant

This year again, the people from the Kicker Event Agency KIvent, around the Vice European Champion, Johannes Kirsch, issued an invitation to the 2-5-3 Business Kick. To this effect, 48 teams met in the Felix Club Restaurant in Berlin, all with the same goal: to have fun!

Blogger Power!

In addition to our CG – Club of Gents Team, we also sent a team from the various Instagram Fashion bloggers to join the line-up. Thomas (@to1989_) and André (@vanbossen) represented two well-known participants who also joined us in Berlin at the Fashion Week. On the other hand, it was a premiere for Patrick (@patrickdossantosaveiro) and Ata (@_atic_).


Maximum outfit, minimum performance

Having arrived at the tournament we were disappointed to learn that other teams had prepared considerably better upfront and had practiced for up to eight hours per day for the event. Of course, preparation was also a number one concern for us, and our 10 minutes’ intensive boot camp before the start of the tournament fully paid off, taking us to being among the last 16 teams in the second round after all.


However, our blogger guys had to learn it the hard way that good looks and the best outfits of the evening are not a free ticket for the finals. Despite their excellent performance, the show ended for our guys as early as in the preliminary round

All in a video

Even if we had required some extra support in table football from the German Champion Johannes Kirsch, we had lots of fun and a great time in Berlin. Those who want to get a personal impression of the event should look at the video made by Thomas who recorded the entire trip on video.

Thanks to KIvent for the brilliant tournament!

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