Wedding trends 2020

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Wedding trends 2020

Every year, new trends, ideas and styling tips for the perfect wedding emerge – and the same is true for weddings in 2020. Sustainability, traditional gentleman styles and pastel shades are at the top of the agenda for the coming decade. These trends, combined with your own ideas, will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

Sustainability – increasingly popular for weddings, too

It is becoming increasingly clear that bridal couples are concerned about the sustainability of their wedding celebration and the products used. Nowadays, weddings should use as little plastic as possible and not produce too much waste. Wood, moss or flowers are the natural materials of choice for decorating. Beautifully designed mixtures of spices or flower seeds in a glass jar are suitable as gifts. To ensure that the wedding dress and the wedding suit do not gather dust in the wardrobe after the ceremony, couples are choosing looks that can be worn for other occasions, too. Green-themed weddings also include invitations and place cards made of recycled paper, which integrate perfectly into the overall theme of the wedding.

The wedding dress of 2020

We saying farewell to hooped skirts and princess looks as modern two-piece outfits with light flowing fabrics are on the rise. Colour is also being added to the dress with pastel and nude shades. The design of wedding dresses is moving towards being plainer and figure-hugging – often combined with flamboyant details such as a low-cut back or strong statement accessories. If the weather is likely to be cool on your wedding day, you can add a knitted, wool or lace bridal jacket. A long-sleeved top can also ring the changes in a two-piece outfit. And steer clear of the classic bolero.

Styling the groom

The classic image of the bride in white and the groom in black has had its day. The groom is also beginning to show his true colours, and this year he is embracing the old-school gentleman style.  Materials, fabrics and patterns in particular are changing the look. The trend is towards brown tones, coarser fabrics and check patterns for winter weddings, whereas for summer ceremonies, the groom is more likely to choose a light fabric made of linen or flannel. Accessories such as braces or wooden bow ties have become part and parcel of the groom’s outfit. The overall design concept of the wedding and the groom’s own taste will dictate whether he chooses the casual look of a waistcoat or the traditional elegance of a dinner jacket. However, just like the bride, the groom can change his outfit during the day.

Wild flowers and natural colours

Being in the flow with nature, the seasons and location are becoming increasingly important for bridal couples when choosing flowers. Wild flowers have a special charm, if they are sown and cultivated in the garden by the couple themselves. These can then be used for table decorations, as floral wreaths, an arrangement in the middle of the cake bar, or for the invitation or bridal bouquet. This year, bridal bouquets are personal and unique with a hidden detail. Brooches, pendants or special flowers give a simple bouquet a sentimental focus. The choice of flower arrangements should match the wedding’s overall colour theme. Nude and pastel shades continue to be on trend as are the colours of the ocean: light blue and pink.

Lots of interest at the venue

Over the past few years, weddings featuring candy bars have been a particular trend. Increasingly, many bridal couples are arranging to have bars offering hearty snacks or drinks. Gin bars, buffets with a selection of cheese and crackers, or champagne walls, where guests can serve themselves with a glass of bubbles whenever the fancy takes them, are becoming more and more popular. Today, less emphasis is being put on having a special wedding theme, rather it is more important to create a unique atmosphere. To this end, different types of fairy lights, candle holders and rustic light bulbs are used. This is complemented by photo booths or snack bars decorated with balloons.

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