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Big, exciting, vibrant, full of history and always on the move. In 2017, London was the most visited city in the world after Hong Kong and Bangkok. London has many facets, is full of different cultural influences, a paradise for shoppers and gourmets beyond the mainstream. And that is precisely why it is the perfect location for our Spring/Summer 2018 Shooting. But you absolutely must consider a short trip to London, too. We will show you the best hotels and coolest locations in this blog.

Hotels in London

First of all, you need a suitable accommodation! Where should you stay in London? Best not in a “normal” hotel. If you want to make your city trip to London a real experience, look for something extraordinary.

Being a fashion enthusiast, you can let yourself be grabbed by the pomp and plush of the historic hotel 40 Winks. Due to its eccentric interiors, the 3-star hotel with just two guest bedrooms is often booked for photo shootings.

The Good Hotel London at the waterfront of the Royal Victoria Docks offers a distinctly breezier environment. The hotel on the water was previously located in Amsterdam before being transported from there to the Royal Docks. It features modern, but understated furniture and pursues a special business concept: Due to a variety of reasons, many of its employees did not have a job for a long time before they were given a second chance here.

For music fans, the comfortable ACE hotel in the Shoreditch district is a real experience. Vintage furniture and art, vinyl and turntables, instruments everywhere. Every Friday the cocktail bar invites you to take an exclusive drink on the roof terrace on the seventh floor, enjoying fabulous views. 

Have you chosen your hotel? Then you are ready to head on to London’s East End!

Shoreditch und Hoxton

It was precisely here in the “East End of London”, where many of the pictures of the CG Spring/Summer Collection 2018 were taken. The creative districts of Hoxton and Shoreditch were ideal to set the scene for the hip Brit Pop Style. Once an impoverished and run-down area, the working-class district has turned into a creative medley of galleries, studios, offices, little shops and designer boutiques since the 1980s. Interspersed in between, there are bars, restaurants and clubs. Today, London’s “Silicon Valley” is also located here in modern open-plan offices and lofts.

London Weekendtrip

London is considered to be the heartland of many museums. There is hardly a topic that is not dealt with or on display in the metropolis - in many cases to be visited free of charge. The artists’ district of Shoreditch, however, is the location of a very special open-air museum, which is great to explore.  Wandering through the streets, you will see street art everywhere. Many of the works of art were painted onto the walls legally and were created by renowned street art artists with their spray cans. A perfect setting for the CG – CLUB of GENTS models and a worthwhile stroll for art enthusiasts!

Detour to Bricklane

If you acquire a liking for those work of arts, you can continue your exploratory tour in Brick Lane. Admittedly, here, street art is sometimes relegated to the background: backyard sales, second-hand and vintage shops, art and music stores, restaurants and bars jostle with one another for first place.

On Sundays, numerous markets are held in the vicinity of the Truman Brewery, where you might discover many a curiosity. But also on other occasions, the narrow street experiences a hustle and bustle. Even more so in the evenings when hungry visitors flock into one of the many Bengali Curry shops, only to explore the night-life afterwards.

Kurztrip London Bricklane

Pictures for the CG Spring/Summer Collection 2018 were also taken in Brick Lane. The place that offers a hip background today also blends into the historic picture: formerly, the district was a centre of weaving, tailoring and clothing manufacture.

Eating out in London

Enough of sightseeing: it’s time to have a rest and eat something! One of our favourite places close by is Bill’s Shoreditch Restaurant. They serve fresh, home-made traditional English cuisine in a diner-type  atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy a wider variety of food, it’s worthwhile to travel to the other side of the Thames to Borough Market. At one of the oldest food markets in London, you will find a seemingly endless variety of dishes - there is something for everybody here.

To get from A to B easily, we recommend getting an Oyster Card. This pre-paid ticket allows you to use all means of public transport in London.

Gods Own Junkyard

Are you in for something crazy? The pictures of Savile Row by by CG - CLUB of GENTS Collection were taken directly in “Gods Own Junkyard”. Every Friday to Sunday, “Gods Own Junkyard” is lit by neon light. The founder, Chris Bracey, used to create neon installations for strip clubs and brothels in Soho, later also for Hollywood film directors. At some point, he started to buy the neon signs, letterings and plates back and to collect them in “Gods Own Junkyard”. A genuine eye-catcher.

Gods Own Junkyard London
Gods Own Junkyard London

Party in London

Those who have been inspired by all that party illumination to dive into the night-life, will of course also find something in Shoreditch. Or else, they might go to the night-life district of Soho. A recommendation? That’s difficult. In London, you usually don’t stick in just one club. Instead, you go from one pub, bar and club to the next one - there are plenty of them in this area. In addition, there are stand-up comedy, musicals or theatres on offer. Here, night easily turns into day!

If you are planning a city trip to London and ask yourself which district is worth visiting, we highly recommend the creative hotspots in Shoreditch and Hoxton. Here you can find everything: from a perfect, unique hotel, tourist destinations to fill your whole day to interesting night-life!

Do you have any other recommendations for London? If so, please let us know them in your comments.

Your CG - CLUB of GENTS Team

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