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The Top 4 must-visit locations!

England’s culinary delight

Fish and chips is one of England’s national dishes; it consists of fried, battered fish – usually cod or haddock – and traditional thick-cut chips. Add salt, vinegar, ketchup and tartare sauce and you’ve got the original British meal! Nowadays, you can get fish and chips on every street corner for any price. Here are our four favourites in London town.

Besten Fish and Chips in London

1. The Golden Hind in Marylebone

The little restaurant The Golden Hind in the heart of Marylebone has an inviting cosy atmosphere to go with its traditional fish and chips. Not only is the quality of the food here amazing, so is the quantity! In addition to the great value for money, there’s also a great selection of side dishes. You can also order takeaway, which is very practical as you often have to wait a while for a table. The restaurant is also unique in that you can bring your own drinks with you – the staff will even provide you with glasses! The nearest underground station is Bond Street.

Visit their website: https://www.goldenhindrestaurant.com/

Besten Fish and Chips London - The Golden Hind
Besten Fish and Chips London - The Golden Hind

2. North Sea Fish Restaurant in Bloomsbury

Just like The Golden Hind, the North Sea Fish Restaurant offers great quality food, but with an even larger selection of fish. Here the national dish is served with homemade tartare sauce and either traditional chips or boiled potatoes. This family-run restaurant also offers a separate chippy, where you can order takeaway to enjoy on the streets of London. Due to the variety and the quality of the food, prices are in the upper range. The restaurant is located on the corner of Leigh Street and Sandwich Street. The closest underground stations are King’s Cross St Pancras and Russell Square.

Visit their website: http://northseafishrestaurant.co.uk/

Besten Fish and Chips in London - North Sea Fish Restaurant
Besten Fish and Chips in London - North Sea Fish Restaurant

3. Masters Super Fish in Waterloo

It’s usually a good sign when you see the locals frequenting a restaurant – then you can be sure that both the price and the flavour appeal to English tastes. Masters Super Fish is one of these establishments and serves wonderfully large portions. As well as chips, ketchup and tartare sauce, they also serve onions and gherkins on the side. There’s a restaurant area and a takeaway section, which often attracts a queue around lunchtime. The restaurant is located close to the London Eye. It’s just a 5–8-minute walk from the underground stations Waterloo or Southwark.

Visit their website: https://masterssuperfish.has.restaurant/

Besten Fish and Chips in London - Masters Super Fish
Besten Fish and Chips in London - Masters Super Fish

4. The Fryer`s Delight in Holborn

No other restaurant embodies such a retro British atmosphere as the Fryer’s Delight. This chip shop has been serving traditional fish and chips since 1958 with lots of attention to detail. The food is fried in beef dripping, which gives it its incomparable flavour. Eating in and experiencing the authentic interior is an absolute must and value for money is ideal for the area. It’s a maximum 7-minute walk from the underground stations Holborn, Chancery Lane and Russell Square.

Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fishandchips.co.uk/

Besten Fish and Chips in London - The Fryer`s Delight
Besten Fish and Chips London - The Fryer's Delight

The charm of fish and chips on the catwalk

In the current Autumn/Winter collection, we used the charm of the traditional fish and chip restaurant to bring across our collection theme “Fish ‘n’ Popscene” and the Brit Pop mentality that goes with it. We shot on location at the Fryer’s Delight; the red tables and the black-and-white tiles were in perfect harmony with the collection’s winter styles and colour tones. It was a great production with lots of attention to detail.

See the current styles here

We hope we were able to give you a little insight into the gastronomic delights of London town. Enjoy your culinary adventure! Have you ever eaten in one of our Top 4 restaurants? Have you tried the food served at our shooting location, The Fryer’s Delight? Let us know in the comments below!

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