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Did you spend a lot of money on a new perfume, but its fragrance evaporates after a short time? We will show you what to watch out for when applying your perfume.

Where should you apply the perfume?

Ok, of course, you can apply your perfume just about everywhere. But if you want its fragrance to be smelt for a long time, it is best if you wear the perfume on your wrist, your neck or behind your ears. On principle, skin areas with a good blood circulation are ideal. Important: Never spray the perfume onto your clothes! If the fabric has to absorb other scents as well, the mix might soon start to smell sour.

When should you apply the perfume?

It is best to apply your perfume immediately after having a shower. As long as the pores of the skin are still open, the skin absorbs the perfume better and the scent emanates for a longer period of time. On dry skin, the scent evaporates very quickly.

How much perfume should you apply?

This mainly depends on the type of perfume you have and on its fragrance content. Eau de Cologne has the lowest fragrance oil content. Eau de Toilette containing approx. 6 to 9 percent is somewhere in the middle and Eau de Parfum containing 10% + is the most intensive. With Eau de Parfum, you mostly only need to press the atomizer once or twice, whereas 3 to 5 times are acceptable for Eau de Cologne.
What you should NEVER do is to spray yourself with perfume from head to toe.

If you have followed all the steps of the guide and the fragrance of your perfume has nevertheless evaporated after a short time, this is probably due to the quality of the perfume. Some perfumes, mostly low-cost or fake perfumes, simply have too low a fragrance content.


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