The city lights are reflecting in the paintwork of the limousine - a hint of expectation is hovering in the air. It’s your own party and you are going to celebrate. You are wearing your very special suit for the occasion. The one in which every detail is just right.

Celebrate it

The classic wedding suit or special occasion suit has been given a youthful lease of life. At first glance, the new styles may seem rather heavy on the basics. But while in the past, old-fashioned styles were de rigueur, particularly at weddings, nowadays you want to be able to wear your suit on more than just one occasion. Because there's always a reason to celebrate.


With the collection of YOUR OWN PARTY by CG - CLUB of GENTS the classic suit becomes a real eye-catcher. On closer inspection, small, yet exquisite highlights are found on the undercollar and inside the jacket. The special occasion is referenced by prints inside the jacket, such as “happiest man alive”. The appropriate writing instrument also has a home in the pen holder made of the outer fabric. By contrast, the somewhat provocative question “Do you agree?” ensures a conspiratorial wink. This is immediately revised with the print saying “Mine”. The colour ranges encompass suits in beige to light grey and light blue right down to dark blue. The suits can be combined with the waistcoats specially created as an optional extra, depending on the occasion or personal preference. As an alternative, there is a suit featuring a lozenge structure in two colours. The outfits are complemented by matching shirts and the right accessories. Bow tie, pocket square and braces are in the design of the suits and give the special touch. And if you want it to be even more elegant, the new subline also offers a dinner jacket for very special evenings.  



From now on you have the opportunity to buy the first items in our online shop at . With the start of the wedding and party season, the collection will also be available in regular stores from April. And best of all: the new subline is not a seasonal product, but a collection that will be available at any time from spring onwards.


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